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Get To Know 

Daniel & Yasmine 


What started as a hobby became a passion. I loved fashion and he loved music. I was good with coordinating clothing and he was good with capturing creativity. We fused our passions and he began taking pictures of me for my styling business. Whatever I envisioned, he wanted to actualize in real time. I started expanding my clientele and he started investing in the latest photography equipment to produce quality. In 2016, our church’s Women’s Conference brought to light other skills. We began to provide videography, fulfilling another aspect of our multi media vision. Our greatest excitement is seeing our client’s reaction to their vision becoming a reality, which we call “Goodboy magic”. God, along with our passion and work ethic, will always fuel Goodboy Multi Media and its pursuit of excellence, with everything placed in our hands.

A Little More About Us



- Loves Diddy (hence our company name)

- Says he should have made it to the NBA

- Requests chicken tenders and fries on gigs because he's a very picky eater. 

- Is the brains of the company 



- Loves babies (has been caught holding a baby during a gig)

- Loves traveling 

- Cries at almost every wedding

- Is the vision of the company

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